When it comes to wardrobes, none is more enviable than Carrie Bradshaw's in "Sex and the City" ... until now.

Jonathan Cheban, Kim's buddy and star of "The Spin Crowd" (left), tells TooFab that NY better watch out now that the Kardashians are filming a new reality show in the city -- because Kim is going to "blow this town up" with her clothes.

Cheban adds "She makes Carrie Bradshaw look like a bag lady. I feel bad for all the other NYC girls' self-esteem in town. I think this show will be even better than the Miami spin off, there is NO other energy like NYC and Kim will really turn up the wattage!"

As for his own show, Jonathan says Sunday's season finale is "very emotional and even I had a tear roll down my cheek, I didn't even think I had tear ducts!"

Check out some of Kim's best looks in our gallery -- think she's got the edge over Sarah Jessica Parker's famous alter-ego?

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