Get ready, tweens, Justin Bieber is about to get up close and personal this holiday season: The teen singer is expanding his empire to include—get ready for this—nail polish!
Justin Bieber nail polish.
While Justin doesn’t have his own clothing collection yet, he went ahead and collaborated with beauty brand Nicole, and will launch the nail polish exclusively at Walmart in December. The line, consisting of various shades, some with glitter (obvie!), features colors with names that are a nod to his songs. For example, "One Less Lonely" (lavender), "Prized Possession Purple" (grape), "Give Me The First Dance" (silver), "Me + Blue" (dark blue), "OMB!"* (bright red), and "Step 2 the Beat of My Heart" (heart-shaped glitter).
And if you don’t know what OMB stands for, you’re probably not going to buy the glittery polish. Oh My Bieber!

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