One by one, the trapped 33 Chilean miners are currently being lifted from a San Jose mine -- and everyone is watching ... even Justin Bieber.

Celebrities have been hitting Twitter while watching the rescue efforts, including the Biebs, who said "just found out the miners of chile are being rescued!!! happy for the families being brought back together. miracles do happen."

Also sending out their prayers, in 140 characters or less:

Kim Kardashian: Wow seriously in tears watching this Chilean miners getting released on CNN! What a tough struggle they made it through!!!

Ryan Seacrest: Sending prayers & well wishes to the miners & rescue teams in Chile. Hope to see everyone on the surface soon.

Sophia Bush: Congratulations to the Chilean miners who have been rescued! Let's hope the rest of them are freed as quickly as possible.

Mel B: Omg watching these guys get released is sooo amazing!! Chile miners rescue live!!!!!

Steve Harvey: The miners in Chile are free nuff said GOD CAN GET YOU OUT OF ANYTHING YOU'VE GOTTEN YOURSELF blessed.

Chelsea Staub: The first miner in Chile rises from the dark! Thanks to the amazing rescuers who have worked non-stop to rekindle the light in these lives.

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