1029_siriano_EXCFormer "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano has been so busy with his ready-to-wear collection, and now, the launch of his new Web site SendTheTrend.com, that when asked by TooFab if he tuned in this season, he admitted, “Not really…I think it will always be a great show and has a great fan following.”

And following last night’s season finale, during which Gretchen Jones emerged the winner, TooFab asked which front runner had been his favorite -- Jones, Mondo Guerra or Andy South -- he was coy, telling TooFab, “They are all talented in their own way with very different styles so I can’t choose one.”

As for SendTheTrend.com, which he created with fellow fashionistas Divya Gugnani and Mariah Chase, the site asks visitors to take a “style survey” to ascertain their style (classic, edgy, bohemian, etc.) and the trio of glamazons then customize a selection of accessories for the customer, all for $29.95 each.

Here, he chats about SendTheTrend.com and his burgeoning empire:

Why did you decide to launch the Web site?

“It sounded like...something that would be cool and different for customers.  And the free shipping aspect is amazing!  And please, I like women to get dressed up and feel fabulous.  You can’t do that without some jewelry!”

What are the hottest, top 3 accessory trends right now?

“Cat eye sunglasses, a fabulous oversized feminine necklace & statement shoes that are exciting and sculptural.”

How else do you want to expand the Christian Siriano brand?

“I’m always focusing a lot on my RTW collection, and thinking about expanding that internationally.  Maybe doing a little more bridal because we do so many custom pieces."

Would you want to launch your own fashion reality TV show?

"I’ve thought about it...It’s actually very hard to coordinate your entire life around a camera. I’m focusing on my brand and I have done plenty of TV, right?!”

Do you cringe when people still bring up your trademark expressions like Hot Tranny Mess?

“I haven’t heard that in forever!  It’s funny.  It was best when Amy Poehler did it!”


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