1217_walker_singleAshley Walker of VH1's "Bastketball Wives" says she can appreciate the stress that exes Eva Longoria and Tony Parker endured before splitting.

"Especially with both of them being in the public eye, their relationship was extremely magnified, so I can imagine what that was like," Walker, the girlfriend of NBA free agent Rafer Alston tells TooFab.com. "I know [Eva] is a strong woman obviously, and I know she's going to be okay no matter what she does. She's going to keep her head up and she's going to be fine."

Walker adds of basketball beau relationships, "It's just like being in any other relationship--you have your ups and downs, you have your arguments about family--but the public magnifies it."

As for Walker and Alston marrying one day, she tells TooFab, "That's kind of between us, but we're working on that. You know, we're working on that."

Regardless of their marital status, Walker says she knows how to keep the relationship healthy and fun: "You keep it spontaneous! That's the thing in relationships: You keep it spicy, you keep it spontaneous. You have your date nights. Especially when the guys are gone so much, it's important to have that 'me time.' You get caught up with the kids and all that but it's important to have that time between the two of you."

And Walker also makes time for others: She heads up the children's charity Ashley Walker's Mission of Love, and is also involved with A Girl's Life, which involves mentoring teen girls. Plus, Walker is involved with a renovation project in New Orleans, her hometown, which works on renovating parks.

And if that's not enough, at the other end of the spectrum, she's the face of Tequila Distinguido! So what's the wildest thing she's ever done after downing a few shots of tequila? "Oh Lord, please don't ask me that! I do like to dance so I have a few drinks to loosen me up and dance and have a great time, let's put it that way!"

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