Former "American Idol" season seven contestant Brooke White, who will soon make her acting debut, tells TooFab she doesn't mind the comparison to trailblazer Jennifer Hudson!

White will appear in the Fox TV movie "Change of Plans" on Jan. 8, and it's a move that many "Idol" watchers say is similar to that of Oscar winner Hudson, and that White may enjoy a similar career trajectory.

"It's so nice," White tells TooFab of the comparison to Hudson. "I guess you could make that comparison, because she's so phenomenal. Her first role was just so powerful. Her performance was just so incredible. That anyone would compare me to her is quite the compliment. I wouldn't have compared myself but it's nice!"

But White says she isn't replacing her singing career with acting. "I don't want people to think that I'm throwing music out the window to get into acting. I feel like acting's going to be another element of my career as an artist or performer. I was writing all week for my next record and I plan on taking music as seriously as I ever have, and adding acting to the repertoire of things I do."

She adds, "I hope to act more because I never expected falling in love with it like I did. It was really fun, so it will be interesting to see how it all comes together."

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