Giuliana Rancic is tired of her husband Bill teasing her about his athletic prowess, so her New Year's resolution is inspired by his gloating: She plans to run in a marathon in 2011!

"I really want to run in a marathon this year," Giuliana tells TooFab. "Bill has run two marathons, and I've run half a marathon, so I always go around gloating, 'Oh, I've run a marathon,' and Bill's like 'A half a marathon, honey!' So Bill and I are going to train. He's going to train me, and we're going to run a full marathon together."

As for Bill, he tells TooFab of his New Year's resolution, "I'm going to learn Italian. I want to be able to speak Italian fluently by the end of 2011. Her parents are always talking about me [in Italian] and I have no idea what they're saying at the dinner table!"

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