Natalie Portman's fiance, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, seems to meet the actress's two must-have attributes for a partner:  Best friend and great lover.

In the February issue of "InStyle" magazine, Portman says of what she looks for in a romantic partner: "I look for all the same things I would in a friend," she says. "Obviously, you need the sexual attraction too, so it's like your best friend and who you are also really attracted to."

Portman announced her engagement to Millepied last month, at the same time as she announced her pregnancy.

Her new movie, "No Strings Attached," deals with the concept of "friends with benefits"--which she says works for some women. "I certainly have friends who could deal with that and others who could not. It's something I've seen in high-achieving women--they compartmentalize. You've got your work, your friends, your excercise, and your sex. You can tick off those boxes."

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