Homeless Ohio man-turned-radio darling Ted Williams is "spinning out of control" and has canceled all of his press obligations. Instead, he'll be seeking professional help, his manager told Toronto's Virgin Radio Wednesday morning.

"We are suspending all appearances and interviews and tours for Ted in an effort [for him] to seek some professional help and counseling, and some time for him to decompress," Williams' manager Al Battle told the radio station's "Mad Dog & Billie" show. " It's too much too fast for him and he's spinning out of control. We want him to get the professional help he needs."

On Monday night, Williams and his daughter Janey were detained after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, where family members were staying as part of a reunion for the "Dr. Phil" show.

"When it got to that point right there, I knew something had to be done," Battle said.

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