0113_angelina_singleFormer "Jersey Shore" cast member Angelina Pivarnick is taking another stab at a music career: She's releasing a new song, "Going Out Tonight," on January 29--and she's planning to release an entire album, she tells TooFab exclusively.

The release of this new track follows the November release of her song "I'm Hot," which was widely ridiculed by fans, as well as the show's cast.

"The new song 'Going Out Tonight' is coming out January 29," Pivarnick tells TooFab. "It was going to be January 11, but we had to push back the date because it wasn't done yet."

And Pivarnick wants to stop the haters in their tracks now, telling TooFab it's better than her previous single.

"It actually is a really good club song," she says. "To be honest with you, it's really good. 'I'm Hot' was not even nearly as good as this song. This song is definitely something you can hear in the club. And it's me singing, not just rapping. As a matter of fact, I'm singing in it all the way. I'm not even rapping in it at all."

And is she really planning to release an album? "Um, yeah! 100 per cent!"

But Pivarnick is setting her sights beyond the music world. "I have my music career which I'm really focusing on heavily. But I have TNA [Wrestling] that I'm going to be doing. I have another show I'm going to be doing. I have some commercials that are coming up, and I actually got cast for a movie role!"

As for details about the film gig, she tells TooFab, "I can't say the title yet because I'm not allowed, but there's definitely celebrities in the movie."

As for her detractors? "The haters make me smile. The haters are just motivation for me to keep going."

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