"Jersey Shore" newcomer Deena Cortese continued her troublemaking ways during Thursday night's episode, and booted cast member Angelina Pivarnick tells TooFab that Cortese is an entitled trainwreck that never should have happened!

"I do not like her," Pivarnick says of Cortese. "Not to be rude or anything, but that's just my opinion. I don't think they cast the right person to take my spot. I feel like she thinks that she runs the house. Meanwhile, she's nothing more than a replacement!."

Pivarnick says she's met Cortese--and wasn't impressed. "I've met her, she's ridiculous. She actually came up to me one night when I was out, and she started to fight with me. She's just a really controversial person. She always thinks she's right, and she isn't!"

And Pivarnick says Cortese thinks she's a much bigger star than she is: "She really needs to learn that she's not as hot as Kim Kardashian. She's not as smart, she's not as business-savvy. She basically is just a girl that MTV thought would be the best thing because she's kind of like Snooki in a way."

Adds Pivarnick, who plans to release a second single on Jan. 29, "She's not an original cast member, and she'll never be an original cast member. She really needs to learn that because she really does think that she's the best, and everyone should bow down to her. She needs to realize that she came into the house on the third season, she's not an original."

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