After a rocky 2010 Heidi Montag Pratt tells TooFab that she and husband Spencer Pratt, are looking forward to a drama-free 2011, and are as head-over-heels in love as ever.

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"We're good, and we're just looking forward to the new year, and our new marriage," Heidi tells TooFab. (Montag filed for divorce in July, but the couple reconciled in September, and renewed their wedding vows in a beachfront ceremony in November in Carpenteria, Calif.)

And the lovebirds, who are currently living in one of Spencer's parents' homes, are literally roaring into the new year: They were just photographed (above) in Malibu buzzing around on a motorized skateboard. "That's Spencer's gift that I gave him for Christmas," she tells TooFab.

While the duo have projects lined up in the new year, she says, "We've just been kind of having a vacation. We just need the time to relax. Everything is fantastic. Spencer and I are great."

And even though Valentine's Day is weeks away, Heidi is giddy about what to expect. "I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day! Hopefully Spencer will surprise me! With Spencer, it's always romantic. He's a hopeless romantic, and he's 'Mr. Perfect,' in every way."

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