Kim Kardashian lashed out at MTV's "Teen Mom" this week--and now, "Basketball Wives" star Ashley Walker is slamming Kardashian, telling TooFab that she's not one to judge!

Walker, a former teen mom herself, tells TooFab, "No one understands the struggle of a teenage mom, except for the person that has walked in their shoes and Kim Kardashian cannot throw stones because it is teenage girls and teenage moms that are looking up to her."

The VH1 reality star continues, “A lot of these girls come from poverty and there are situations that I can’t even relate to.  When you are marketing yourself to teenage girls by promoting silly bands one day and then being on the cover of a magazine naked the other day, you are confusing them.”

But the two women do agree on something though: "Teen Mom" has room for improvement.

Walker tells TooFab, “My stance about the show Teen Moms is that if they show more of the girls actually getting counseled, facilitate teen moms in pursuing educational, personal and career goals as well as positive parenting skills then maybe the show would not get so much backlash. “

Walker, a graduate from The University of New Orleans, speaks to teenage mothers at high schools and even started a mentorship group called A Girl's Life for the same purpose.

For more info check out Ashley's website.

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