"Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, came out  to support co-star Paul "DJ Pauly" DelVecchio deejay at an exclusive post-Grammys party Sunday night, and the pint-sized star sure didn't hold back the PDA!

DJ Pauly arrived at the UV Vodka party for Dr. Luke, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and musician, with Snooki and LaValle.

"They headed straight to the bar as soon as they arrived," says a source. "Snooki started mixing drinks for everyone. She created the 'Snooki' for Jionni, which was UV Coconut and Sprite."

And Jionni must have really liked the drink! "They immediately started making out after she made him the drink. They didn't leave each others' side all night."

DJ Pauly, meanwhile, stayed focused on spinning--not hooking up. "He wasn't  interested in the girls," says the source. "He was having a great time spinning, and hanging out with his bodyguard."

But, DJ Pauly was able to exercise self-control for only so long. "At one point, some very aggressive girls brought out vodka cocktails to the deejay booth," says the source. "Pauly smiled, winked and planted a big kiss on their cheeks."

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