It's been five years since Dr. Connie Guttersen released "The Sonoma Diet"--a favorite among celebs including Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston--and now she's back with its follow-up, "The New Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, More Energy In Just 10 Days."


The Sonoma Diet is influenced by the cuisines of California's wine country and the Mediterranean, so not surprisingly, wine is allowed! The diet also encourages low glycemic meals, which it claims slims the waistline and boosts your energy.

TooFab spoke with Guttersen about the Sonoma Diet, its celeb followers, and living a lean life!

What aspects of the Sonoma Diet appeal to celebrities?

From Jennifer Aniston to Matt Dillon to Jessica Alba, it’s a style of eating that’s very conducive to their lifestyle because it’s healthy, it’s about lifestyle and it’s not crash-dieting and they all love wine so usually if you look along those lines you’ll see the celebrities that line themselves up with the Sonoma Diet.

The whole idea of the Sonoma Diet is to boost your energy levels with low glycemic foods, and for celebrities who are very active into exercise, it’s critical because you can’t be eating a low-carb diet or a diet that’s not healthy and then look your best or try to have enough energy for exercise, so it kind of aligns themselves medically. But let’s be realistic, they’re very social, they like wine and they’ve found a way their able to have the social with the medical.

Why do you think it’s a good idea to incorporate a glass of wine into a healthy diet?

Well, I personally feel that when you have a glass of wine you savor, you enjoy the meal, you eat slower and it enhances the whole pleasure of eating. From a medical standpoint, the studies are finding that if you have a glass of wine every day, you’re going to have less risk for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s. The best part is that women that drink a glass of wine everyday are slimmer. So it’s a very cool, chic thing to do!

What kind of exercise do people need to do on the Sonoma diet?

The New Sonoma diet features some fascinating new updates, and one of them happens to be more exercise from cardio-vascular to Tai Chi to yoga, because it’s not only about losing pounds with exercise, it’s about stress relief, mood, sleep, looking you best."

Do you think the power of celebrity encourages people to diet?

I absolutely do because if they make a decision to follow Sonoma diet, it usually tends to be a personality like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Alba who is very outgoing, very healthy, into exercise and lifestyle. We’ve been really lucky that we haven’t been associated with crash-dieting or unhealthy practices so I think a celebrity has a very powerful voice, but at the same time they have a huge responsibility because you find that young women and young men look to celebrities for answers and they look to them as role-models.

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