Justin Bieber is officially cooler than ever.


Randy Finch, star of the new Food Network show "Ice Brigade," tells TooFab he made the Bieber ice sculpture in honor of the star's birthday earlier this month -- saying "we thought it would be somewhat topical, fun, kind of a whimsical piece. We wanted something that would be fun and recognizable to show the skill level of our artists as far as drawing it. Just fun and goofy to play with."

Finch says he loves trying something different with his crew, telling us "It’s so much fun to learn what we can do and how hard we can pull it off."

As for his favorite ice design ever, Finch says "We did an office prank where we replaced this guy’s office furniture in his office with ice. Everything down to his ink pens."

See more of Finch's creations when "Ice Brigade" airs tonight.

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