Elizabeth Berkley is reaching out to teens the same age as her famous "Saved by the Bell" character,  Jessie Spano -- with a new self-help book for young girls.

Berkley, now 38, has just penned a book for young adults called "Ask Elizabeth" -- which she's hoping will open up a dialogue for teens coping with body and self-esteem issues.

"For a long time I had thought that something like this should be out there and it’s something I wish I had," Berkley tells TooFab of her book and online forum of the same name, adding "I can’t save every girl from going through highs and lows, that’s life, but I can at least arm them with tools to navigate."

Berkley -- who wrote "Ask Elizabeth" after a series of seminars with girls in the U.S. and all over the world -- says she "wanted it to be a heart and soul, hands-on, grass roots mission" so she could "really give them what I felt they were asking me for."

Elizabeth encourages her audience to "go after their dreams" -- and she tells us that Taylor Swift is someone young girls should look up to.

"Here’s what I love about her," Berkley says of Swift, "she doesn’t pretend that everything’s perfect and she uses her gifts and creativity to work out and heal the highs and lows that she’s been through. I think because of that authenticity, people really connect to her."

The book is out today on Amazon -- and be sure to keep up with the actress on her Twitter page!

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