Carmelo Anthony's season was cut short when the Celtics swept the Knicks out of the playoffs, and he's already moving onto his next venture: Music.

The baller has a new record label called Krossover Entertainment featuring artist Diego Ca$h.

Ca$h is the brother wife La La Vazquez, so Carmelo is keeping it in the family.

"I've watched Diego hone and master his craft over the years and am proud to say he is the flagship of my company. We are all extremely excited about what the future holds for him," Carmelo says.

"Diego Ca$h is a new sound/wave of hip-hop music, he's the entire package! I support him as a brother as well as an artist 100%. This video is just the beginning of a long, successful career within the entertainment industry," added La La.

Check out the music video for Ca$h's new sing "Just a Dream," co-starring Tammy Torres and keep an eye out for Carmelo's cameo (in a Rolls Royce).


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