Taylor Jacobson wants you to know she's doing just fine, thank you very much.

The blond, sometimes brash celebrity stylist split from Rachel Zoe in August of 2010 and was the subject of one-sided attacks on Zoe's eponymous reality TV show, "The Rachel Zoe Project."

Since then, Jacobson has been building an impressive roster of her own clients, including best-dressed list regular Kate Beckinsale, Brandy, Marisa Tomei, and Mena Suvari. In addition to styling, Jacobson has become a businesswoman, collaborating with Kasil on a denim line, which you can view at KasilWorkshop.com.

Check out some of Jacobson's looks below:


In an exclusive interview with TooFab's Lawrence Yee, Jacobson talks about what she's doing now, her relationship with "frenemy" Brad Goreski, and provides style tips that everyone can use.

TooFab: Most people haven't seen you since "Rachel Zoe." What have you been working on?

Jacobson: I've spent the last year and a half building my own roster of clients. I've been working on campaigns, commercials, music videos, editorials. And I have my collaboration with Kasil.

TooFab: Why did you enter your collaboration with Kasil? Why go with a denim line?

Jacobson: Jeans are a staple that are never going to go away. I wanted to expand my horizons and get me feet wet. The garment business is completely different from styling. We're not just doing denim. We're doing washed wools, prints.

TooFab: What are your favorite Kasil Workshop Taylor Jacobson looks?

Jacobson: I love the artisan high-waisted light blue denim. It's a carryover from the spring line for fall.

TooFab: Summer's around the corner. What are some of the hottest trends?

Jacobson: I love wood platforms, circa Jodie Foster in "Taxi Driver.". They're great with jeans or a dress. I also love neon -- neon clutch, neon lipsticks. They are great for spring and summer. That would be Fashion.

TooFab: Neon?

Jacobson: Well, not everyone can pull of a neon dress. But they can add neon for color. Accesories, nail polish, bright pink lipstick.

TooFab: Are there any trends you don't like?

Jacobson: If you own a look, own it. Over-accessorizing is a no-no. It's tacky, not chic. I love a lot of jewelry, but I hate when people pile it on.

TooFab: Is there another reality TV show in your future?

Jacobson: I was just a judge on an Oxygen hair show. It's a whole different culture. I'm not dying to be famous. That's what I'm not about. I like to dress people that are successful for doing great films. If [a show] falls into place, it falls into place.

While discussing reality TV shows, the topic of Brad Goreski, another of Zoe's former stylists turned reality stars, came up. Jacobson and Goreski famously clashed on "The Rachel Zoe Project," but things are apparently better now. "Brad and I are friendly," Jacobson says, "we've made amends. I'm moving forward."

So what's up next for Jacobson? She will continue to style her clients for red carpet events, and she's working with Nickelodeon on their back-to-school stuff.

"There's so much stuff out there style commercials, you style look books." Of her work with Nickelodeon, Jacobson has this to say: "It's very casual, bright colors. It's different. I like it."

One things for sure. If you're a fan of fashion, you'll be seeing a lot more of Taylor Jacobson's looks, and her influence, out there.

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