It was a night of high profile falls for reality TV on Wednesday -- when two reality stars took tumbles during their big moments.

First up: Haley Reinhart on "American Idol."

Haley was so into her performance of Led Zeppelin's "What Is & What Should Never Be" Tuesday night that she tripped on the stage right in front of the judging panel. The 20-year-old got right back up and finished strong. Watch it here:

"It's not about how many times you fall, it's about how many times you get up," judge Steven Tyler said. "That was superb."

"You keep going," added Jennifer Lopez. "That's the sign of a professional. It's the sign of someone who knows what they're doing up there."

Haley blamed her stilettos for the stumble, but laughed it off. With her father Harry, himself a professional musician, by her side playing the guitar, nothing seemed to faze her.

The second fall: Brittani on "America's Next Top Model." Warning -- This Contains Spoilers!

Brittany took a dive during her final runway in show's finale last night when she slipped on some rose petals. Watch it here:

The young model broke down backstage after her fall, crying while saying "It just sucks because my mom's not even here ... I wish I could talk to her about all this and I can't!"

Despite her tumble, Brittani was still named "Top Model" and won the show's 16th Cycle.

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