It was a full house at Chicago's United Center last night -- where tons of celebs turned out to film two of Oprah Winfrey's final shows.

Tom Hanks, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Josh Groban, Maya Angelou, Halle Berry, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Madonna and even a smiling Maria Shriver all showed up for what's being called Oprah's "Farewell Spectacular," which will air May 23 and 24th.

Performers for the two shows included Beyonce -- who sang "Run the World (Girls)" -- Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

Oprah's longtime partner, Stedman Graham, even showed up to personally thank her for all her had work over the years, telling her "I love you for making a difference in my life. It amazes me that I get to be around a woman who changes people's lives every day and still takes her lunch to work."

13,000 boxes of Kleenex were in the Center -- one for each audience member.

The final episode of Oprah will air May 25.

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