The cast of  "Jersey Shore" has been on a tear through Florence, Italy this week.

But Europe will have its own hard-partying players when "Geordie Shore" premieres on MTV UK tonight. Set in Newcastle in northeast England, the city was one an industrial center but now known for its nightlife. Sounds like the perfect location to shoot a reality show to us.

The guys are big and buff, and the girls are busty and have big hair. Check out their photos below:


Some of the bigger personalities include workout fanatic Jay (think The Situation), surgically enhanced Holly (think Jwoww) and pint-sized Sophie (think Snooki).

"Geordie" is the nickname for both the city of Newcastle and the dialect of the residents. Unfortunately, U.S. viewers won't be able to watch "Geordie Shore" for now, but the cast's exploits will surely hit tabloid websites soon.

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