One of our favorite reasons to watch "American Idol" is seeing what contestant Lauren Alaina will wear week after week.

Aside from her extraordinary voice, she's like any other typical 16-year-old. She likes to experiment with her clothing and hair (though we secretly hope she ditches the two-tone look). She is emotional, sometimes going toe-to-toe with the judges and other times succumbing to her nerves. She's real-sized, not some hanger in a mini-dress and heels like many other Hollywood stars.

Check out her looks from throughout the season:


We didn't love her short skirt and cowboy boot combos, which tend to make her look boxy. We much prefer her long-legged black leggings look, as well as the gorgeous princess gowns from the last few shows.

As for her rival, Scotty McCreery, Let's just say he plays to the conservative crowd and dresses the part. He must have the largest collection of denim jackets and flannel shirts in "Idol" history. His most tragic look? The Canadian tuxedo (denim shirt and jeans) he wore in the middle of the season.

Check out his all his looks below:

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