The Duggar family just won't stop growing -- and yesterday, it got even bigger!

Josh Duggar -- one of "19 Kids and Counting" stars' Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 kids -- welcomed his second child into the world on Wednesday, when wife Anna gave birth to a 8lb, 5oz boy at 5:55pm.

The couple has not announced a name yet, but we're told Josh, 23, and Anna, 22, will be keeping with the "M" theme. The two already have a 20-month-old daughter MacKynzie.

The baby boy was born inside the couple's Tontitown, Arkansas home with Michelle's help.

Check out some exclusive video below, taken yesterday, of Michelle prepping for the birth by filling up Anna's birthing tub and boiling herbs for a bath.

Anna can also be seen telling the camera "I'm feeling like we're going to have a baby today!"


A special on the birth, "19 Kids: First Grandson," will air this Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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