The full music video for Britney Spears' latest single "I Wanna Go" is here -- and it's definitely her most bizarre to date.


Kicking off with Britney saying she's having quintuplets with Brad Pitt at a press conference, she then drops a memorable, obscenity-laden quote from "Half Baked" before going out into the world to flash a police officer, battle Terminator paparazzi and road trip in a bikini top with Guillermo Diaz -- who, for some reason, douses himself with milk.

Yeah ... like we said ... bizarre.

While odd, it's definitely a fun video for Spears, who is currently touring with Nicki Minaj -- and Britney looks great with her pink extensions and Mickey Mouse skull crop-top, a nod to her days on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Like the video or is it just too weird? Sound off below!

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