media_removed_toofab 102011Jennifer Lopez
and her husband Marc Anthony may have fortune and fame, but they have to deal with the same challenges all parents do -- namely potty training.

While visiting "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," Anthony recounted a costly incident involving his three-year-old son, Max.

"He took a $6,000 dump in the pool," Anthony explained. "He had an accident in the pool. It got into the filtration system and they charged us $6,000 to clean it. That was expensive!"

Anthony and Leno both expressed surprise over the cleaner's bill, and they should be. The city of Portland recently flushed eight million gallons of water after a man was caught urinating in the reservoir (health officials insisted that the water was safe for public use). The cost? $8,000 to treat the millions of gallons as sewage (the flushed water was worth an additional $28,000).

Max and his twin sister Emme are undergoing training in "full force," but he and Jennifer are using treats to help the kids along. However, it seems the twins "figured out" how to take advantage of their parents.

"In order to potty train them, every time they'd use the potty we'd give them a lollipop. Three days passed and we ran out of lollipops," Anthony said. "I'm like, what's going on? You should probably get them checked out if they're using the potty that much."

Still, kids will be kids and J.Lo and Marc's are adorable. Check out photos of them playing in a Paris playground below!

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