Paris Hilton has made a name for herself on reality TV with shows like "The Simple Life" and "The World According to Paris." She's made millions in merchandising everything from purses to perfume.

In an exclusive chat with TooFab, Hilton said "she's not slowing down" when it comes to making money. The 30-year-old businesswoman's next venture: real estate and development, specifically hotels and beach clubs.

Real estate is the Hilton family business. Her father Rick is a successful Hollywood realtor. And her great-grandfather Conrad founded the Hilton hotel chain.

In order to fund her new businesses, Paris will be using profits from her 30 worldwide retail stores. She plans on expanding those businesses as well.

As for her personal life, Hilton says she's "staying single" after splitting with Cy Waits earlier this month. She plans to spend the summer in her Malibu beach house relaxing and brainstorming more ways to build her empire, naturally.

Hilton's mom and costar Kathy couldn't be prouder. "I'm very, very proud of her, she's worked very, very hard" Kathy told TooFab.

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