Being married to one of the most fashionable and photographed women in the world doesn't automatically make someone style-savvy.

Take Prince William, for example. The Duke of Cambridge loves his navy suit, blue shirt, and burgundy tie. He wears that ensemble so much you'd think he only owns one suit, which obviously can't be the case. He's a freaking prince! We've pegged William in his go-to look at eight different, recent outings. Check out the photos below:


Upon closer inspection, there are some slight variations in William's ties. However, his overall look is the same.

William is a young, tall, handsome guy with a gorgeous wife. You'd think that Catherine would give him styling tips. Perhaps he's seen how much attention Kate's wardrobe has received and he figured if he wears the same thing day after day he won't get any.

Don't get us wrong, he looks sharp and sophisticated -- just as a future King should. We just wish he'd change things up. Mix it up Wills!

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