Hope Jessica Simpson steered clear of TLC last night, because the televised wedding of her ex-husband Nick Lachey to new bride Vanessa Minnillo was a romantic one.

"Nick and Vanessa's Dream Wedding" aired on Saturday with a two hour special on TLC, showing the couple as they planned their nuptials and the ceremony itself.

The duo, who tied the knot earlier this month, decided to write their own vows for the wedding, which you can watch above.

Both Nick and Vanessa couldn't keep the tears in as they read their vows to each other, Nick telling his bride "I am blessed and honored to take you as my wife, you are the answer to my every question ... I can't promise you I will be a perfect husband, but I can promise you that I will always strive to be. I love you."

Vanessa had quite the romantic vows too, telling him "You are the most generous person I've ever met, especially with your feelings and your love ... I am committed to you always and forever as your friend as as your loving wife. I love you."

And with that, they exchanged rings and sealed it with a kiss.

Re-watch the vows and kiss above!