With "Battleship" coming soon and movies like Monopoly and Oija in the works, it's no surprise a live-action flick about Barbie is on the way too -- and there's already a man up for the role of Ken!

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"90210" hunk Trevor Donovan is reportedly up for the role after meeting with producers working on the film -- and it's pretty easy to see why.

With his blonde hair, blue eyes and ripped physique he's kind of perfect for the job. Check out some shirtless shots that prove the point above.

And with his role reduced as "Teddy" on the CW soap next season, he's got the time for it.

What do you think about Trevor as Ken? And who should be his Barbie girl?

We're thinking "30 Rock" star Katrina Bowden would be perfect ... sound off below!

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