Another round of "X Factor" auditions went down last night -- and this time, the singing sensation of the evening was an 18-year-old college student.

Melanie Amaro gave the judges and audience goosebumps with her rendition of Beyonce's "Listen," from the movie "Dreamgirls." It's pretty clear she's going to be a serious contender once the live show starts up.

Did anyone else tear up with her younger sister called her her "hero"?

Also memorable on Thursday's episode was Xander Alexander -- but not for the same reasons as Melanie.

Xander was nothing but pure sass, saying he wanted to be "the next Donald Trump meets Martha Stewart without the jail time, meets Britney Spears meets Beyonce without the ugly husband." Harsh!

He didn't cool off his act in front of the judges either, dissing Simon Cowell and eventually getting them and the audience against him. His voice wasn't bad, but his attitude got him the boot.

Would you have liked him to stay around longer? Sound off below.

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