Will Smith's amazing NoHo New York City apartment is for sale, and you can get jiggy with it if you have a cool $19.5 million. The New York Daily News says now that "Men In Black III" has finished taping, Smith is looking to unload the property.

The 7,300+ square foot pad takes up the building's entire fourth floor, and boasts 5 bedrooms and 6 baths. The living room is a spectacular 90 feet long, more than enough space for daughter Willow to whip her hair back and forth.


Although Will and wife Jada have been rumored to be drifting apart, there's "two of everything" in the apartment. The listing also says there's ample way space for the largest pieces in your collection, highlighted by a gigantic painting in the photos. Other notable pieces of art include a poster of Che Guavara in one of the smaller bedrooms and spectacular sculptures in the living room.

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