It's time to cover up ladies! With temperatures dropping, leggings are a great way to keep warm.

We've taken some of our favorite celebrity looks and added leggings to them. Click on the gallery below and vote on which look is best. Plus, read on to get styling tips for leggings.


While you’re adjusting your wardrobe for the changing season, keep in mind that there’s one item you can keep: your leggings.

Just ask David Lerner – he’s the leggings guru! Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox are just a few of the celebs to wear Lerner’s designs. There are some rules to keep in mind. In order to stay relevant, Lerner says the style of leggings must change with the fashion trends. Here are his top tips:

TF: What are some new legging trends to look out for?

DL: The number one trend that I am seeing right now with leggings is colors. I’ve put a zipper on the legging, I’ve done the tuxedo legging with the velvet trim. Everything you saw was black, and what is happening now with leggings, they are being done in amazing colors. When I had my first line, I had neon’s and crazy colors and the stores laughed at me and they all bought the black. It just goes to show you that a few years later, those crazy colors are the hottest item in the game.

TF: How should leggings be worn in the cooler months?

DL: When it starts to get colder out I love how a women looks with a big chunky sweater and a pair of leggings. It’s the perfect fall or winter outfit; you’re going to be cute and sexy. The right pair of leggings makes a woman feel comfortable, confident and sexy and that is how women ultimately want to feel, and that is what fashion is ultimately about.

TF: Many women say the fabric of a legging can make or break the look. Do you agree?

DL: Absolutely! The fabric is everything when it comes to leggings. What I did before I started my company was market research. It was my job to look at what other companies were doing, what fabrics they were using, so I looked at fabrics from all over the world. My David Lerner leggings are like a New York bagel. You can’t have a New York bagel anywhere else. You can’t have a David Lerner legging anywhere else. The material is from a special place in Brazil, and women notice the difference.

TF: What is your take on leggings and Uggs?

DL: I definitely think it’s fine to wear leggings with Ugg boots. My little brother goes to college, and all the girls there wear David Lerner leggings and Ugg boots for the whole winter which I happen to love.

TF: How do you feel about leggings on the red carpet?

DL: The first time I ever had a celebrity wear my leggings on the red carpet was Paris Hilton. Fashion is all about confidence. The most confident woman is the sexiest woman in any room. If you’re on the red carpet and you feel comfortable and confident then you’re sexy.

For more on David Lerner's collection, visit his website here.

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