Happy 27th birthday Katy Perry! The California Gurl is almost as famous for her fierce fashions as her hit songs.

To mark her b-day, take a look at 27 of her sexiest, most outrageous and downright crazy looks:


And just for fun, here are five facts you probably didn’t know about Katy: 

1. Perry is her mother’s maiden name. Katy was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

2. Both of her parents, Keith and Mary, are pastors.

3. Her 2008 hit “I Kissed a Girl” was inspired by Scarlett Johansson. Katy was flipping through magazine and saw a photo of the actress, and told her boyfriend she would kiss her.

4. She has a cat named Kitty Purry.

5. She’s naturally a blonde.

Click “Launch Gallery” button above to see all 27 bold looks. Happy birthday Katy! Click here to see who else has a birthday today!

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