You've seen "Kim's Fairytale Wedding," but now you can check out "Kim's Fairytale Divorce," thanks to the peeps at "Saturday Night Live."

Starring the hilarious Kristen Wiig as a spot-on Kris Jenner, Nasim Pedrad as a pretty perfect Kim and Andy Samberg as Kris Humphries, SNL mocked Kim's wedding and subsequent divorce on last night's episode.

"Whoopsies, I got divorced!" Pedrad exclaims in the skit, before Wiig adds "I know a lot of people say Kim got married just to make over $17 million from the wedding ... But that's not true, she also got married for attention."

The spot also featured frozen-faced Bruce Jenner and a bewildered Lamar Odom.

It was harsh ... but was it also pretty accurate? Check it out above!

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