She may be "Jenny from the Block" ... but Jennifer Lopez didn't return home to the Bronx to film her recent Fiat commercial.

The commercial shows Lopez driving a Fiat through the Bronx streets while she says in a voice over, "This is my world. This place inspires me. They may be just streets to you, but to me they're a playground."

But The Smoking Gun blew the lid off the whole facade -- when they spoke to a few of the Bronx residents featured in the commercial.

"It wasn't her [driving the car]," says barber shop owner Eligio Cueto. "It was a double that looked like her."

JLo's rep, Mark Young issued a statement on the controversy -- saying, "Her portion was filmed in Los Angeles. I don’t see a problem. There are many cases where films are done the same way.”

Fiat's statement had a similar tone to it -- saying, "Both commercials featuring Jennifer Lopez were indeed filmed in the Bronx as well as outside locations. As you may know, in today's world, people are increasingly mobile and their work takes them to a variety of locations. As a result, we took the opportunity to film wherever Ms. Lopez was working at the time to accommodate her schedule."

"One does not need to be in a specific location to be inspired or continue to be inspired."

So what do you think? Is the commercial fair, or false advertising? Sound off in the comments below.

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