It's not easy to get Mariah Carey's attention -- but a group of British sailors did just that after posting an impressive YouTube video set to her holiday classic, "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

The British sailors aboard the HMS Ocean recorded the funny lip-dub after learning they'd be coming home for the holidays -- after seven and a half months away!

After watching the video, Mariah tweeted "This is the best thing I've ever seen, you guys just made my day! Happy Happy Christmas!!! x0x0 to the troops."

The song has been popular with online videos this week. Just yesterday we showed you two dancers who choreographed an awesome (and hilarious) routine to the hit.

Another video making the rounds shows a young guy dancing around a crowded mall while listening to the song on his iPod -- as unknowing shoppers watch.

Which one is your favorite? Sound off below!

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