The women of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" attended what was meant to be a fun belly dancing party on last night's episode -- but it erupted into one of the biggest blowouts of the series!

Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville had the women over for A LOT of wine, dancing and girl-talk, but the bad blood between Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer reached a boiling point ... and Taylor went ballistic.

A little background: Taylor and Camille had a falling out in a previous episode when Camille revealed Taylor's alleged abuse by husband Russell Armstrong to the other women.

Last night, Taylor started trash-talking Camille during the party and Grammer's friend Dedra couldn't take it anymore -- and started to defend her BFF. This led to a crazy screaming match that ended with Brandi kicking Taylor out of the house.

After the episode, Taylor appeared on "Watch What Happens Live," where she said she was so angry with Grammer because she talked about her alleged abuse on camera ... and feared what Russell would do to her and their daughter if he ever saw the footage.

She also said that she had way too much to drink.

It was definitely some crazy trainwreck TV, but also very sad to see such an unstable woman completely break down.

What do you think of the highly emotional episode?

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