Kim Kardashian
and former husband Kris Humphries were ready to have a baby together -- and talked about procreating in one incredibly awkward scene from last night's "Kourtney & Kim Take New York."

The reality star had babies on the brain during Sunday night's episode, where she flat-out asked her then-husband if he was ready to have kids.

"I'm like 30-years-old, I'm kinda ready," Kim told Kris on the roof of their NY hotel.

Kris seemed entirely receptive to the idea, telling her "Let's do it. I'm excited, I really want to" -- before telling the camera "Family's really important to me, so we'll just kind of see what happens."

Then Kim offered up this gem: "Real success in life is having kids, finding your prince charming and falling in love and settling down."

Unfortunately for them, their marriage would fall apart after just 72 days.