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Another day, another brawl for "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans.

The reality TV star got into it with her roommate Tori last night after fuming about boyfriend Kieffer Delp texting someone in the 508 area code -- which is in Massachusetts ... and not the area of North Carolina that they live in.

Things escalated when Jenelle started ripping into Tori's boyfriend, Tylor, and eventually the two roommates started fighting -- pulling hair, punching and even beating each other with drum sticks.

Kieffer and Tylor started to fight too ... because, why not, right?

It ended with Jenelle screaming/sobbing "Just leave me alone!"

Of course, this isn't Jenelle's first big brawl -- she previously wailed on a former friend in their front yard once, got into a shoving match with Delp and has fought with her mom, Barbara, on numerous occasions.

Does anyone think this girl will ever grow up and realize she has a kid now???

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