There was major dissension on the "American Idol" judging panel Thursday night -- and Jennifer Lopez became visibly frustrated after getting outvoted several times.

Her fellow judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson kept turning down contestants she felt were worthy of moving onto Hollywood. "You're joking right?" Jennifer asked Steven after he told Cheyenne James she doesn't have "it."

When Randy also said no, J.Lo exclaimed "You guys are crazy!"

Her breaking point came when the two male judges gave a golden ticket to Linda Williams, and attractive girl with an average voice. "Baby, you can sing," Steven gushed. "I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone," Jennifer responded in disbelief. Afterwards, she said she was so angry with them she going to have an anxiety attack!

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Who do you side with? J.Lo or Steven and Randy? Watch the clip and vote in our poll, below!

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