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Sherilyn Fenn
was one of the many breakout stars from 90's cult TV show "Twin Peaks" -- and today, the girl who played teen Audrey Horne turns 47!

Fenn was already in her mid-20s when she was cast as the 18-year-old with a crush on FBI Agent Dale Cooper in David Lynch's crazy murder mystery series.

Fenn banked in on her femme fatale looks for several modeling gigs after the show ended and even played Elizabeth Taylor in an NBC biopic. She also played Curley's wife in Gary Sinise's film adaptation of "Of Mice and Men."

According to her IMDB, Fenn will next appear alongside Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams in Sy Fy TV movie "Bigfoot."

See what Sherilyn and the rest of the cast looks like now in the gallery above.

And special thanks to Heart Times Coffee Cup Studios for the recent shot of Eric DaRe, who did an interview with the site in January after being detained by the police in connection with the Hollywood fires.

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