Cate Blanchett and Reese Witherspoon couldn't be more different.

Cate is statuesque with European features (she's Australian), while Reese is petite with all-American look. The two actresses both wore the same Louis Vuitton sequined dress to recent events.

Cate wore the gray and yellow version with a longer skirt, while Reese wore a black and green version with a shorter hem. Reese added a belt to create some shape, while Cate let the dress' tunic-style top flow free.

Who looks hotter? We give the nod to Cate with her inspired shoe choice. Reese looks cute, but her Loubotain's are expected and the palette of her dress hides some of the details. Or is this dress too tough for even two A-list fashionistas to pull off? Vote below!


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