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Christina Aguilera spent a lot of time with Tony Lucca back in their "Mickey Mouse Club" days -- but we're not entirely convinced she remembered him when he auditioned in front of her last night on "The Voice."

"After the 'Mickey Mouse Club' was canceled, a good handful of kids obviously went on to pursue pop stardom," Lucca said in his pre-audition video, referencing the success of Christina, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez.

"I decided to jump in the truck and take my guitar and started playing smaller clubs," he added. "After a while you sort of reach a ceiling and I'm in search of that next big break."

And it looks like "The Voice" could be that break -- as his impressed all four judges with a soulful rendition of Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble."

When it came time for Christina's critique though, it didn't look like she remembered him or his name ... but still sang his praise.

"It does take a true talent to come along and jolt us," she said. "I appreciate you for making us all push our button tonight."

She suddenly remembered him (or had a producer whisper in her ear) after he walked out and tracked him down to catch up with her old friend.

It was a cute moment, and one where Aguilera revealed that Britney had a crush on him back in the day!

Check out what the rest of the 90's Mouseketeers are up to today in the gallery below:

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