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It got downright cringeworthy on "The Bachelor" last night as one contestant tried to woo Ben Flajnik in one of the most awkward ways ever.

Jamie was on a mission to prove to Ben that she was into him, so she pulled him aside during a cocktail party to seduce him in seclusion.

"I think about you often and I think about things I would like to do with you," Jamie told Ben before she jumped onto his lap and went in for the kill.

Their makeout session didn't go as planned though, as Jamie couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"The whole purpose of this is really because I want to have a great kiss with you," she said before attempting to make out again.

Here's where it got realllllly bad.

Jamie then proceeded to give Ben a step-by-step tutorial on how to tongue wrestle. Needless to say, Jamie got the boot.

For future "Bachelor" contestants: This is exactly what not to do to make it to the final rose ceremony!

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