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Now we know why "Teen Mom 2" stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms got divorced: He found out she cheated on him a week before their wedding!

During last night's dramatic episode, Corey confronted his wife -- asking her flat out if she was with her ex-boyfriend Robbie right before they tied the knot.

Leah didn't even try to hide it, nonchalantly telling him "Um, I cheated on you" while texting away on her cell phone.

"We were just fighting really bad and you weren't being affectionate at all," she said for her reasoning, adding "I was drunk."

Simms obviously wasn't having it -- especially when he heard she was wearing her wedding ring when it happened -- and by the end of the episode, both of them were looking for divorce lawyers.

The two are parents to twin girls Ali and Aleeah.

In other split news, Us Weekly is reporting that original "Teen Mom" stars Maci Bookout and Kyle King have broken up too -- just shy of their two-year anniversary.

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