Country singer LeAnn Rimes performed a heartfelt tribute to the late Whitney Houston during a concert over the weekend -- where she got choked up in front of the audience.

Rimes played a gig in Reno on Saturday, the same day Whitney was found dead in her hotel room in Los Angeles.

During the show, LeAnn took a moment to give tribute to Houston by singing her biggest hit, "I Will Always Love You," to the crowd.

The song hit an emotional note for LeAnn, who got choked up towards the end.

Before the show, Rimes tweeted "Wow, I learned how to do what I do because of 3 great women, one being Whitney. She was always so kind to me. This is not gonna be an easy show for sure. I’m doing what she taught me to do by listening to her records over & over as a little girl. Her death is very surreal."

Watch the performance above.

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