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Controversial "Bachelor" contestant Courtney Robertson broke down during last night's "Women Tell All" special -- but are you buying the tears?

Once Courtney came out, all the former contestants ganged up on her over how she's behaved all season long, both with Ben Flajnik and with them.

After a good 10 minutes of them bashing her, Robertson couldn't take anymore.

"I'm sorry, I take it all back," she said while choking back tears. "I did the best that I could, I'm really sorry I hurt your feelings, all of you ... I don't like being torn apart in the tabloids. If I could have gone back and thought ahead, I would have handled myself differently."

She then put her head in her hands and wiped away some tears.

But were they genuine or just crocodile tears to save face? We want to know your opinion -- so watch the video above and sound off in the comments section!