If there's one thing we've learned from watching "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," it's that Brandi Glanville is an open book -- and now she's revealing where she's had plastic surgery.

In a new interview with Shape magazine, Eddie Cibrian's 39-year-old ex says "It’s hard to grow older, especially in this town where everyone is perfect!"

She admits, "I’ll cop to a few plastic surgery procedures like Botox and fillers. I think everyone should do what makes them feel good but remember: Less is more!"

In the article, she adds that she spray tans "every week." Earlier today, Brandi also tweeted about having a boob job from Brooke Burke's husband, Dr. Garth Fisher.

Despite the procedures to maintain her beauty, Brandi has a message for the haters.

"People have said horrible things like I’m ‘plastic’ and I’m a bad mom. I think after three years of hearing it I have just developed a thick skin. I think it’s human nature, and I know what they say isn’t true so I’ve learned to not take it to heart."

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