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It seems like only yesterday the fresh-faced cast of "Dawson's Creek" were playing high school students at Capeside High -- but today, one of them celebrates their 40th birthday!

Think you know who it is? Take a guess ... then keep reading!

Kerr Smith, who played the openly gay teen Jack McPhee, turns the big 4-0 today. Smith is the second-oldest "kid" from the show -- Meredith Monroe, who played his sister Andie, just turned 43.

Since his time on the Creek, Kerr starred in "My Bloody Valentine 3D," "Charmed" on The WB and "Life Unexpected" on The CW.

In honor of Kerr's 40th birthday, see what the rest of the cast has been doing since the show went off the air ... and how they all look today!

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